Vegetables in Kitchener

Make sure you think about the following factors when deciding on what vegetables to bring in to your garden:

  • Space
  • Location
  • Family preferences
  • Look for strong and healthy plants (i.e. stalk strength, leaf colour, or height)

Potatoes and other root crops like beets and carrots loosen the soil. You always have the freshest of veggies to use, with better taste and better quality. You will have food for your family and maybe some to share. There is a wonderful satisfaction in growing your own vegetables. Our vegetable plants have never been sprayed with chemicals.

Sabina’s Choice Vegetables

Sabina’s Choice vegetable plants are carefully selected for the best taste and their performance in Southern Ontario gardens and sold in many different sizes. Our vegetable plants are grown pesticide free, never sprayed! The fresh, fine taste of homegrown veggies is the best reward we can get. Grow what you and your family like and use the most.

GreenWay offers an amazing selection in vegetable plants. All plants at GreenWay are grown from seed and ready to transplant into gardens, patio containers, baskets, window boxes, roof gardens and into living walls.

If you’ve never grown vegetables, make this the year that you grow some. It’s fun and very rewarding:

Clip your fresh herbs from a large pot close to your door and give an ordinary meal an exquisite taste.

Put a full ripe, sun warm tomato slice on your sandwich. What a luxury; what a treat. And it’s homegrown!

Grow an Atlantic giant pumpkin and let your kids scratch their names just through the skin when it is about a football size. In the fall, you will need a wheelbarrow to get it out of your garden and the kids names will have grown with it.


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