What are the hot gardening trends for 2015?

Millennials are the new generation of gardens. This generation (aged 18 to 34) includes new home owners and first time parents, all determined to have the latest tools and entertaining-havens in their backyards.

Sustainability is the word on gardening tongues. Gardeners are looking for native plants, flowers for birds and bees, drought-resistant plants, gourmet vegetables and environmentally-friendly fertilizers, soil mixes and pest-control products.

Waves are in. Garden design is moving away from sharp corners and straight lines. Softer, gentler shapes are in with wavy paths joining flower beds and patios or decks.

Grow your own. Whether it’s heirloom tomatoes, patio cucumbers, or herbs, people are back to taking pleasure from growing their own food. Think about a barbecue with fresh peppers from your backyard, served with mojitos with home grown mint. Mmm. We’re hungry.

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