Veggie Gardening Tips

Vegetable Packs Gardening Tips GreenWay KitchenerAt GreenWay, we’re proud to consider ourselves farmers. We do grow all of our plants on site, which makes us different from many Ontario garden centres. If you’re looking to unleash your “Inner Farmer”, come on in. We have a great selection of herbs and vegetables. Vegetable gardening is one of the biggest trends right now – it provides you with an extremely low-cost way to enjoy the freshest of vegetables. And it reduces your carbon impact – the only transportation required is from your backyard to your table.

For the second year in a row, Sabina has hand selected her favourite varieties of vegetables for you. These veggies are known-performers, grown from seed in the greenhouse and are pesticide-free.

Some of her Sabina’s Choices include six packs of tomatoes and sweet peppers. These are six different varieties, with similar growing requirements, packaged together for one price. It’s a great way to mix the known with something new.

Here are some veggies gardening tips:

  • Find an area, which will receive at least five to six hours of direct sunlight daily.
  • Decide which vegetables and the amount of each you want to include in your garden. Take into consideration: the amount of space you have. If all you have is a patio or balcony, have no fear, there are still lots of options for container veggie gardens. We have patio tomatoes of all sizes and colours, cucumbers and lots of veggie and herb planters. Sabina’s Choice’s also include hanging baskets of mini-tomatoes.
  • For a longer harvest period, plant vegetables at staggered time intervals.
  • Ensure the soil is well dug and you’ve added some manure or compost to it for additional organic matter.
  • If you cannot plant the same day of purchasing, water vegetables thoroughly and keep them in the shade. Evenings and cloudy days are the best times to plant.
  • Generally, plant seeds about three times as deep as their diameter. Plants not in individual containers should be gently separated to retain as much soil around the roots as possible.
  • Veggies like their water and fertilizer. As soon as you’re done planting, water everything thoroughly. Thereafter, water whenever the soil begins to dry. And ensure you soak the soil, not just spray the leaves.
  • Cultivate out weeds as soon as they appear. For easier weed pulling, moisten soil an hour before cultivating.


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