Vegetable Gardening For The Grill in Kitchener

At GreenWay, we’re proud to consider ourselves farmers. We do grow almost all of our plants on site, which makes us different from many Ontario garden centres. If you’re looking to unleash yoDSC07637 (640x425)ur “Inner Farmer”, come on in. We have a great selection of herbs and vegetables. Vegetable gardening is one of the biggest trends right now – it provides you with an extremely low-cost way to enjoy the freshest of vegetables. And it reduces the carbon impact – the only transportation required is from your backyard to your table.

NO matter what size your garden is, growing your own food just makes it taste so much better – and by having your kids help grow the food, they’re sure to actually eat it! Here are some tips to help you plan your veggie garden.

  • Find an area, which will receive at least five to six hours of direct sunlight daily.
  • Make a list of all the vegetables and herbs you love to eat. Then consider how many plants of each species you’ll need for your family. Keep in mind that some vegetables need more “growing room” than others.
  • For a longer harvest period, consider planting vegetables at staggered time intervals. Allocate part of your garden for small, rapidly-maturing vegetables (such as radishes, lettVegetable Garden at Garden Center in Kitcheneruce, and spinach). Keep tall vine or pole varieties tied up so that they don’t shadow smaller plants.
  • Prepare your garden by digging it well and adding in peat moss, manure and/or compost.
  • Try to plant your vegetables and herbs the same day you buy them. If you can’t, water them well and keep them in the shade. Evenings and cloudy days are the best times to plant.
  • Generally, plant seeds about three times as deep as their diameter. If there are multiple plants in one container, gently separate them, keeping as much soil around the roots as possible.
  • Vegetables are thirsty! Water them thoroughly with a mild fertilizer to give them a good start; use a fertilizer with a high last number, like 12-0-44. At Greenway we sell a great one: Miracle Gro Tomato and Vegetable Fertilizer, which mixes easily in your watering can. Water whenever the soil is dry to the touch. Soak the area around the plants well versus just sprinkling their leaves with water.  Pull out weeds as soon as you spot them. If they go to seed, you’ll have hundreds more to pull.  If your plants look like they’re diseased or insect-ridden, bring a sample of the problem to us and we’ll do our best to help you out.

Watch out for next week’s newsletter where we’ll talk specifically about growing tomatoes and cucumbers! Contact us to learn more!


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