The Dicksons: Celebrating their Canadian spirit all summer

This week we celebrate two of our great customers – who aren’t afraid to show their Canadian spirit.

If you’re ever travelling up in the Northern parts of Wellington County, you may be surprised when your directions include the note “Turn right at the giant Canadian flag.” But the flag, the pride of Glenn and Dorothy Dickson, is an annual summer feature.

The Dicksons, who live near Moorefield, have been planting a Canadian flag using begonias from GreenWay for over ten years. Beginning in June, after the tulips have died down and the risk of frost has passed, 351 begonias are set carefully in the ground, using a well-worn map the couple developed when they began. While Glenn does the planting, Dorothy carefully watches to ensure the pattern emerges straight and correctly. It takes them over 5 hours to put the flag together, first marking out the pattern with red and white pins, and then planting, but it’s something they enjoy doing.

When asked how they happened on the idea of a flag flower bed, Glenn jokes, “We couldn’t agree on where to put the flag pole, so this was the agreed upon option.” 

GreenWay is their garden centre of choice. “The quality of plants we get are great. They’re all healthy, big, and we suspect they hand-choose the plants specifically for us. Kees and Sabina produce plants that allow us to have an instant flag garden..

“It’s fun to see people stop and take pictures of our flag,” says Dorothy, “and we get a kick out of the fact that people use it as a guide point when giving directions.”

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