Spring Bloomers

There are lots of perennials which are at their prime now through early June, and can add early colour to your gardens. Some of our favourites include:

  • Perennials Spring Bloomers Greenway KitchenerPeonies – so many colours, sizes and flexible for sun or shade. They will also last for years with very little care
  • Foxglove – a lovely bi-annual which means it will re-seed itself and grow again next year. Also if you cut it back after the first flowering, you will most likely have a second blooming in late summer.
  • Trollius (golden globe) – beautiful orange, globe like flowers which love the sun.
  • Solomon’s Seal – perfect for a shade garden. Small white flowers on tall, luscious green stems
  • Bleeding Hearts – in white or pink & white and also available in traditional or dwarf sizes. A great addition to any shady spot.
  • Sweet Woodruff – a lovely ground cover with pretty white flowers in mid-spring
  • Columbines – beautiful star shaped flowers in a wide variety of colours and shapes. They will self-seed and spread throughout your gardens for early colour

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