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Do you know that Ontario has the largest number of greenhouse operations in Canada? According to the industry organization, there are about 1,150 greenhouse operations and a total area of 3,200 acres under glass. 1 acre is equivalent to the area of a soccer field, so that’s a lot of glass.

The greenhouse sector, of which GreenWay is a part, also contributes more than $4 billion to Ontario’s economy and in 2013, included sales of $1.53 billion worth of vegetables, flowers and plants. The greenhouse sector generates $600 million in export sales, primarily to the United States.

We’re proud to be a part of such a significant industry, and one in which keeps evolving to increase sustainability and lessen the use of fertilizers, pesticides and even water. If you’re interested in the science behind our greenhouses, just ask. Our water filtration system is highly technical and very advanced.

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