Over 10,000 Hanging Baskets Ready For Your Mom

We’re going to brag a little bit now. We have the biggest, brightest and most beautiful hanging baskets you will find out there. In fact, GreenWay plants over 10,000 hanging baskets annually. We start them in February so that they will be at their very best for Mother’s Day! Sabina is well known for her ability to pair unique plants together to make something truly special – every size, shape and colour.

Showstoppers right now include our always popular Reiger begonia hanging baskets, and our Martha Washington geraniums. The Garvinea is also spectacular. Kees recommends the Streptocarpus hanging baskets. GreenWay is one of the very few places you can find them.

Hanging Basket Purple Flowers WaterlooHanging baskets are an attractive way to decorate porches and verandas with beautiful colours and different plants. Try hanging baskets in other places besides the front porch. Use a shepherd’s hook with a hanging basket beside your front steps or mailbox. Build an arbor and decorate it with hanging flowers. Frame your sidewalk, patio and entrances with colorful hanging baskets. Hanging baskets can be used effectively even in the smallest of spaces.

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