Not Being Mum About Our Gorgeous Mums

Did you know we grow all of our own mums here at GreenWay? We start from little leaf cuttings in April and by late August, our stunning large plants are ready for your home. The colours are brilliant and there are lots of size options for you too.

Check out our unique GreenWay combinations and planters too. We’ve got mums with fall grasses and perennials which can be put into a protected area of your garden, and with some TLC will come back again next year.   It’s easy to add a little fall colour to your garden or front step.  And our mums themselves are perfect for gifts – from weddings to family gatherings to Thanksgiving parties.

We also do custom plantings for our customers. Why not bring in your summer planters and let us add a few fall colours into them. We can customize them with whatever type of plants you would like. Make your planters last late into October.

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