Mandevilla – A Tropical Favourite!

Mandevilla – A Tropical Favourite

Enjoy Outdoors for Spring and Summer

A popular patio plant, the Mandevilla brings to mind island life, sandy beaches, and lush tropical weather. For us Canadians, we can enjoy Mandevilla all summer long on our patios and in our gardens.

Mandevilla should be planted in well-drained soil that could include some sand. Put them in a location where they will get a lot of bright indirect sunlight. Make sure to fertilize approximately every other week. Use an all-purpose fertilizer (e.g., 20-20-20) or something with a high middle number, which will give you additional blooms, like Mircle-Gro Bloom Booster.

If your Mandevilla didn’t already come on a trellis, make sure you provide it with some support. Mandevilla are vines and will need a fence, arbour, trellis or other type of support to help them grow.

Overwintering Your Mandevilla Indoors

You can keep your Mandevilla outdoors all summer and into fall. When temperatures reach 10°c or lower, it’s time to bring your Mandevilla inside. Find a bright, sunny window so that your plant gets as much light as possible.

During the winter months you won’t need to fertilize. Your madevilla will also need less water since it will be in indoors in cooler temperatures. Wait for the soil to slightly dry out in between watering so that the top of the soil is dry to touch.

When it reaches 10°c in the spring, you can bring your mandevilla outside to enjoy for another warm season!

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