Making Every Drop Count

Canada is a country blessed with an abundance of fresh water. However, perhaps it is precisely this abundance that has led us into wasteful water use. In fact, according to the Conference Board of Canada, out of 16 ‘peer’ countries, Canada ranks 15th and earns a “C” grade for water wastage.

Because so much of our water supply is used to water lawns and gardens, each one of us can make a positive difference by conserving water in the garden and by using each drop wisely.

Although we’ve had more than our fair share of rain so far this year, it’s never wrong to learn about how to save this precious resource.

Here are some tips to make your garden more drought-friendly:

  • Group plants with similar moisture requirements close together. Thus, you can water the thirsty plants only rather than the whole garden.
  • Mulch your plants with compost, straw, dead leaves or shredded bark to conserve moisture.
  • Improve the water-retention capabilities of your soil by adding lots of compost.
  • Place plants that require the greatest amounts of water in areas that receive run-off from slopes or downspouts.
  • Consider installing a water-efficient drip irrigation system for watering your garden.
  • Make use of rainwater by redirecting your downspout onto your garden–or get a rain barrel and drain your downspout into that.
  • Incorporate drought-hardy native plants, grasses, and succulents into your designs.

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