Maintaining your Perennial Flower Beds

Perennial gardens are quite easy to maintain, but they do need some regular loving to keep looking their best, and for flowers to keep blooming.

Here are some things you should try to do weekly to keep your beds gorgeous:

Remove dead flower heads. Use pruners, or even your fingers to snip off dead flower blossoms when they’re done to prevent them forming seeds. Snip them off just above a leaf or bud. Pick off and dead or diseased leaves.


Keep well-watered. Garden beds dry out too – especially if they have a lot of manure or compost built into them. Soaker hoses are a good way to apply water more efficiently than overhead sprinklers. Avoid wetting plant leaves late in the day to prevent the spread of some plant diseases.

Pull weeds. Remove weeds when you see them, and before they get out of control. Try to get the roots as otherwise the weed will just grow back. If the weeds get ahead of you, prioritize pulling out the ones with seed heads first, so that you don’t have even more seeds growing the following year.


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