Kitchener Spring Gardening To-Do’s

Here are some gardening chores you can do now to set the stage for a splendid gardening season.

Plan Your GardenGardening Plants in Kitchener

No doubt you’ve spent some time pouring over the garden catalogs during the many snow storms. While we like catalogues, we LOVE the Greenway Plant Finder on our website. Use the Plant Finder to search plants based on filters including colour, soil type, sun/shade/moisture requirements and attractants. Search away.

Combine this information with past experience in your own garden and you should be able to start making good plant selections for spring. Try a few new things each year, but don’t abandon tried and true plants and varieties that have performed well in your garden.

And of course, leave some room in your plant budget for those spur-of-the-moment purchases. As always Greenway has many new and wonderful annuals ready to tempt you!

Clean Your Tools

Take some time this spring to clean the rust off your tools, and sharpen the blade on tools such as pruners. Taking a few minutes after each use to do a quick clean-up by wiping off any dirt or moisture will help your tools last longer and be ready for the next time you go to use them.

If you’ve been pruning plants with diseased leaves and stems use hot soapy water or a mixture of bleach and water to disinfect your tools, and prevent the diseases from spreading thkitchener-gardening-toolsrough your garden. Be sure to dry each tool thoroughly and oil to prevent rust.

To remove rust from tools you can use steel wool dipped in solvent to scrub it away. Wipe the tool clean when finished and oil to prevent further rusting from occurring.

Clean Your Pots

Wash out pots with water, rinse with a very mild disinfectant solution to kill off unfriendly microbes.

Contact us to learn more about spring gardening maintenance or visit out Kitchener garden centre today!


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