Custom Winter Holiday Planters and Holiday Flower Fundraisers in Kitchener

Custom Winter Planters – Now Taking Orders!Custom Planters and Winter Gardening in Ktichener

Even though our retail store is closed for the season, we’re still hard at work! Many people don’t realize that we do custom Christmas and winter holiday planters. If you want some winter planters to add some colour and texture to your porches, we can work with you to create a planter that suits your personal taste and budget. You can bring in your pots now, or we can provide a pot or plant into an insert that will fit into one of your existing planters.

Come into our retail store while we’re open, or contact us, by calling or emailing, after the store is closed to order your planters!

Holiday Flower Fundraisers

WeWinter Gardening Tips and Floral Fundraiser in Kitchener have started distributing order sheets for our Poinsettia, Amaryllis and Cyclamen Holiday fundraisers. This fundraiser has been very popular with previous participants and continues to grow.

It is a great way to raise funds for schools, sports teams, churches, community groups, and many other similar organizations.

Please contact us at for all of the information.


Please provide us with:

  1. your name
  2. your phone number
  3. the group you represent

Let us make your fundraising efforts easy – and beautiful.

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