Hanging Baskets and Planters

Whether it be potted floor planters, hanging baskets, and/or butterfly kits with pollinator plants for the birds and bees, GreenWay has the best variety, colours, sizes and styles – all overseen by Mrs. GreenWay herself, Sabina.

Hanging baskets and planters of stunningly coloured flowers can dress up any part of your yard and GreenWay has an amazing selection right now.

Do you have lots of backyard dinner parties? Think of adding some baskets of whites or light blues which look great in the twilight? Have a pool and want to hide a bit of the fence? Brightly coloured flowers will draw the eye to them, rather than to the fence. They are a great way to hide a bit of rust, an area in need of painting – anything you would rather not have visitors notice.

Do people get lost finding your house? Add some brightly coloured planters and direct people to the house with the purple flowers out front! It will help for at least another 4 months!

Whether you want to fill your planter, or you want to take home an already made basket, GreenWay’s choices of styles, colour combinations, sizes and even smells are endless.

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