Greenway’s Top Three Garden Trends for 2019

Greenway’s Top Three Garden Trends for 2019


With garden season fast approaching, it’s a great opportunity to see what new ideas are in store for 2019. Each year’s garden is the chance to reinvent your outdoor space. Here are Greenway’s top three trends for 2019 to get your creative juices flowing.


  1. Grow Your Own Food

The trend of growing your own food continues to dominate gardening. This year, try the unexpected like adding veggies like snap peas, to your floral planters, or strawberries or grape tomatoes to your hanging baskets. Try container planting if you don’t have enough room for a garden, or for a balcony or deck.

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  1. Indoor Houseplants

There are many unique ways to incorporate houseplants into your indoor environment. Display trailing plants from a ledge, a shelf or tall piece of furniture. Hang indoor plants in decorative hanging baskets from your ceiling. Repurpose old barn board, skids, or ladders to Install a living wall as a decorative feature in your living space. Put plants that clean the air, like spider plants, gerbera daisy or crispy wave, in your bedroom. The succulent trend continues; their small size lets you add touches of green throughout your home. Grow large floor plants in your main living spaces for a beautiful focal point.

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  1. Bold Plant Colours

After a long, wet and cold winter, we are all ready for colour! Put away the muted and neutral tones, and bring your garden to life with bright, bold pops of colour. Throw all the conventional colour rules out the window, and fearlessly mix all bold colours in your garden. Combine big pompom Zinnias with rainbow hued Lantana and dainty Pentas to build planters that are colourful, beautiful, and food sources for our pollinator friends. Enhance your bold colour choices with interesting foliage; choose canna lilies for their bright colour and large, glossy, tropical leaves. Kong Coleus offers bright splashes of colour painted onto huge, ruffled leaves.

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