Gardening for Kids in Kitchener

School is almost out and you might be looking for some fun ways to get your kids involved in gardening. Here are some simple things to make gardening fun and educational for kids.

Make it tasty

Plant vegetables  or fruits your child likes to eat. Concentrate on varieties that grow quickly, like green beans, strawberries, peas or lettuce. Plant some pumpkins so they can pick their own for Halloween.

Tap their creativity 

Let children make some of their own decisions about what to plant, and where. If you have the space, give a child a small patch of his own to design and fill with whatever they choose (a 4’ x 4’ patch is ample)

Feed the senses

Children love pretty flowers, especially if they smell good and are brightly coloured. Consider planting some butterfly host and nectar plants in your garden so the kids can keep a watch out for eggs, caterpillars, pupae and adults. It’s fascinating for them and they learn about life cycles and nature.

Grow some drama

 Children are fascinated with flamboyancy. They love plants that are huge and tower over their heads. Showy flowers to grow include sunflowers, dahlias, hybrid iris, and Oriental lilies.

Keep it simple

Keep projects and instructions simple. Garden for short periods of time. And giving them their owGardening for Kids and Gardening Tools in Kitchenern kid-sized tools helps them to work more comfortably and feel like they are working alongside you.

You can find some great activity ideas on line. Here are two good sites:

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