The Smells of a Garden

Scents often make us remember – people, favourite places, childhood and more. For example, lavender makes me think of a wonderful trip to Provence, France one summer. Do you have a favourite scent? Why not think about adding fragrant flowers into your gardens or containers? Maybe at some point it will take your friends or children back to a special thought of you.

Here are some of our favourite fragrant plants.

Heliotrope Annual – Butterflies love it as a nectar source
Lavender Annual or tender perennial
Mint Perennial
Sweet allysum Annual
Lilac Shrub
Sweet pea Annual
Peony Perennial
Roses Shrub
Mock Orange Shrub
Nicotinia Annual
Rosemary Annual  – can be brought in as a houseplant too
Iris Annual

Contact us to learn more about fragrant flowers for your garden or visit our Kitchener location today!

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