Garden Planning 101

For new gardeners or even experienced gardeners who have moved to a new space, garden planning can seem daunting. Where do you start?

When planning a new garden, there are several things to keep in mind. At Greenway Blooming Centre in Kitchener, we’ve developed a Garden Planning Sheet to help you gather the information you need to get started. (Click here to download the Garden Planning Sheet.) Fill out the Garden Planning Sheet and bring it into Greenway where we can help you build the garden of your dreams.

Here are some things to think about when planning your garden, and completing the Garden Planning Sheet.

Get to know your garden space

Take measurements to determine how much space you have for your garden. Monitor how much sun you get, and when in the day you get it. The amount of sunlight you get will largely determine the types of plants that you can put into your garden. Different areas of your garden may get different amounts of sun at different times; make a note of these different areas.

What is already in your garden? What do you want to remove, and what do you want to keep? Are there trees in your garden? Certain types of trees can impact the moisture level in your garden, and the types of plants you can grow close by.

Have a look at your soil. What type of soil do you have? Are you building a new garden or refurbishing an old one? In either of these cases, you may want to invest in putting down triple mix soil to provide nutrient rich soil for your new plants. Note if you’re on wetlands or have dry soil or any other soil conditions, as this will also be a factor in what plants you can put in.

Picture the garden you want

Is there a particular theme or type of garden you’re envisioning? Do you picture a garden full of wild flowers, a colourful English garden, or a manicured and minimalist Japanese Zen garden? Are there any specific plants you like or don’t like, or any particular colours?

Give some thought about how much time you want to spend in your garden. Do you want something low maintenance or are you looking forward to spending free time puttering in your space? You should also consider whether you would like to put in any foundation plants, like trees or shrubs. These will anchor the space, and will be more permanent fixtures in your garden for years to come. Next, think about whether you want to put in any perennials. Since perennials come back every year, they will also become a regular part of your garden. Putting in annuals provides you with an opportunity to change the look of your garden from year to year; you can change the types of plants and change colours every season. Do you want flowers blooming throughout the year? We can help you select the right plants so that there’s always something blooming as the seasons progress.

There are no mistakes in gardening, just happy accidents. Every season in your garden provides an opportunity to learn. You’ll see what plants work and what plants failed to thrive. Be kind to yourself! Even seasoned gardeners lose plants. Gardening is an emotional experience, meant to be enjoyed. You’ll be amazed at the sense of pride you feel when your garden is in full bloom. Try new things, and always have fun!

For more gardening tips and tricks, check out our blog!

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