Five Garden Trends for 2017

Every new year, and every new season brings new trends to try. Some are hits, with long-lasting staying power, while others disappear quickly. Gardening is no exception! We at Greenway have picked 2017’s top five garden trends that we believe will excite and delight!

Garden trends for 2017 from Greenway Blooming Centre Kitchener 1. Greenery – 15-0343, Pantone Color of the Year, 2017

Every year Pantone, the leading authority on colour and colour trends, chooses a Color of the Year. This colour is meant to reflect what is happening around the world, and the mood and attitude of world citizens. This year’s colour, Greenery symbolizes new beginnings, and a call back to nature as an escape from modern life. There’s no doubt that the best place to find new beginnings and surround yourself in nature is the garden.

You can bring Greenery into your garden in a few easy ways. Choose hard goods in this fresh hue. Make Greenery the focal point of your garden; instead of traditional flowers, do foliage gardens and planters, where you showcase beautiful, lush green leaves in various sizes and textures, like coleus, calocasia and alocasia.

2. Canadian, eh! Canada’s 150

Celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation in your garden by planting red and white flowers. If you didn’t get a chance to plant fall bulbs, don’t worry, there are many ways that you can sport this garden trend in your space. There are many annuals that come in red and white hues that will showcase your Canadian spirit. Fill your planters with red and white begonias or geraniums that will bloom throughout spring and summer. When fall comes, choose red and white fall mums for your front steps.

Two of our longstanding customers has taken their national pride to the next level by planting the Canadian flag every year in their garden!

Hosta garden trends from Greenway Blooming Centre Kitchener

3. Flowers of the Year, 2017

Every year the Perennial Plant Association names one Perennial Plant of the Year™. Asclepias tuberosa, commonly known as butterfly weed is the selection for 2017. Tuberosa has been a long-time favourite at Greenway because it attracts butterflies, acting both as a host plant for caterpillars and a nectar plant for butterflies. It is also a plant that is native to Ontario.

The American Hosta Grower’s Association has named Brother Stefan the 2017 Hosta of the Year. Brother Stefan features large, corrugated leaves, which are gold in the middle with rich, green edges. White flowers bloom in early summer.

You can continue to enjoy these two garden trends in your yard year after year!

Edible garden trends from Greenway Blooming Centre Kitchener

4. Edible Gardening

The growing concern over chemicals in our food, and the trend in “going local” has people running into their backyards to grow their own food. The good news is that growing your own veggies, herbs and fruits isn’t limited to people with big backyards. Many items can be successfully grown in containers on a small deck or balcony, like Greenway’s Patio Snacker series, which includes tomatoes, cucumbers and other edibles. Herb gardens can be grown inside all year long in attractive containers on your kitchen counter or window sill. Look for fun ways to grow edibles, like growing strawberries in wall bags along your fence, or mixed in with annuals like marigolds, which are said to protect your garden from critters looking for a snack.

 5. Native Plants

The trend of “going local” is now extending into our gardens. Gardeners are looking to native plants that grow in our climate to beautify their gardens. These plants offer many benefits: they are an important part of our local ecosystems; they provide food and shelter or cover to wildlife, including birds and pollinators. They are beautiful and generally require less maintenance. Native plants are also adapted to our climate and therefore have high rates of success if put in the right place in your garden. We do our part in conserving our ecosystems, promoting biodiversity and ecological sustainability by planting native flora in our gardens.

For more garden tips, visit Greenway Blooming Centre in Kitchener or contact us!

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