Fall Perennials

Summer may be over, but your garden’s beauty doesn’t have to be!

Many people think that once fall appears, colour disappears from your garden. But there are many options for fall flowering plants and other perennials to add a bit of colour to your garden.

  • Chrysanthemums – a GreenWay favourite and one of the most versatile of all fall flowering plants, mums come in a wide range of colours and can be used in planters and beds alike
  • Aster – pinks, blues, purples and whites will add bright, unexpected colours to your garden
  • Russian Sage – not only does Russian sage add beautiful tones of purple and silver to your garden, but it also smells amazing
  • Helenium – helenium is a member of the daisy family, and it’s tough enough to withstand some chillier weather in the fall while adding cheer to your garden
  • Turtlehead – believe it or not, the flowers on this adorable plant actually look like turtleheads! They’ll add some fun and joy to your fall garden and are hardy
  • Monkshood – another way of adding blue to your garden, monkshood has an almost shimmery quality to its flowers
  • Leadplant – this flower does double duty in the fall, flowering first with beautiful blue blooms, and later in the fall its leaves turn red
  • Sweet Autumn clematis – as its name suggests, this fall-flowering clematis has beautiful fragrant white flowers, but watch out for its aggressive nature

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