Fall Decor & Planting Perennials


Fall is a great time to plant perennials because….

  • The soil temperature is warmer in fall than it is in spring. Warm soil promotes fast, strong root growth.
  • The shorter days and cooler nights of fall reduces the severity and length of transplant shock. Since many insects are going dormant for the season, fall planting reduces the risk of insect attack and plant damage.
  • Fall planting reduces the load of springtime gardening chores. Many people have more time to plant perennials in September or October than they do in May.
  • Great plant sales!

Why not go ahead and put in that butterfly garden you’ve been wanting? Our expanded perennial area is filled with plants of all sizes, shapes and colours. We still have a large selection of plants which will bring colour to your garden from early spring to late fall. And we’re happy to give you advice to help you create the garden of your dreams.

Fall Decor

We still have a great selection of beautiful mums in many sizes, plus gorgeous fall planters. Or if you’d like, bring in your own planters and we’ll customize them for fall.

People often ask if those mums are winterhardy. Our mums have been selected for uniformity, colour, flexibility, disease resistance and many more aspects. Winterhardiness is not high on the priority list.

So take it as a bonus if garden mums are coming back next spring. The best chances for overwintering of mums are along the foundation of a house or a sloping flowerbed with drainage. Trim them back late November to about 4’’-6’’(10-15cm) and cover them with 6’’-8’’ of mulch, leaves, soil or peat moss.

Uncover them late April and give them lots of water.

Fall is also the time for decorating. It seems to kick off our desire to deck our houses out with glorious colour, shapes and texture. GreenWay has so many ways to help your house shine in time for Thanksgiving. Think not only mums, but beautiful fall baskets with mums, grasses, ornamental peppers, flowering kale. We also have pansies, fall grasses, shrubs with coloured foliage and berries – and so much more. Decorate now and enjoy it for a couple of months – until it’s time to put up the Christmas lights. Enjoy!

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  1. Greenway Blooming Centre is fabulous place to buy plants, both perennial and annual. They also are extremely helpful in answering any questions and giving advise on solving problems. It’s a wonderful day when I visit your place!

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