Decorating for Fall

Check out our unique GreenWay combinations and planters too. Sabina takes you well beyond just simple and traditional mums. Think baskets with fall grasses, colourful berries, brilliant foliage, and fragrant flowers.

Instead of buying corn stalks and bales of hay to decorate for Thanksgiving, why not look at a perennial vine which will be brilliantly coloured every fall, saving you the need to annually decorate. Add in a couple of perennial fall planters and you’re all set for years to come. 

We also do custom plantings for our customers. Why not bring in your summer planters and let us add a few fall colours into them. We can customize them with whatever type of plants you would like. Make your planters last late into October.

Flowering or Ornamental Kale in Sabina’s mind is one of the most under-rated plants for stunning fall colour. A relative of traditional edible kale, and a member of the cabbage family, flowering kale provides ruffled beauty to gardens, baskets, and containers. Available in a range of colours from purples to pinks to white and green, kale can be planted at any time of year in your baskets or gardens and will be stunning come September.

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