Plant of the Week: Cool Wave Pansy

Pansies have long been a favourite spring crop with their cheery, colourful faces, and their tolerance for our region’s cold spring nights. The Cool Wave Pansy offers the same benefits as the traditional pansy, but is also more heat tolerant. This means that, in the right location, these pansies can last you through the summer and into the crisp autumn. They also spread more than the traditional pansy, so you would need fewer plants to fill the same amount of space. 

Cool Wave Pansies come in a wide assortment of beautiful colours, both solid and bicoloured, and work well in hanging baskets and planters where they can spill over the sides. They are sure to stand out in any garden.

Zone Hardiness: 5

Blooming Season: Spring, late Summer, Autumn

Growing Habit: Spreading, trailing

Spacing: 25-30cm (10-12”)

Height: 15-30cm (6-8”)

Width: 61-76cm (24-30”)

Exposure: Sun

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