Celebrate Easter the GreenWay

Why not look for something different this Easter? While we do have Easter lilies available, think about a colourful basket of spring bulbs, including hyacinths, tulips or daffodils. You can enjoy them in your house now and plant them into your garden later to enjoy again next spring. They’re a great gift for who’s ever hosting Easter dinner too.

We also do GreenWay gift certificates. They are an extremely popular (and green) gift.

While it’s still cool, we do have a lot of low-temperature loving plants. Check out our pansies and primroses which can even take some frost. With their bright colours they spark up any entrance, flowerbeds or windowboxes.

Other popular choices are Osteospermum (Capedaisy), Bacopa and Alyssum – and you can even plant the beautiful, sweet-smelling Sweetpeas now so they’ll be amongst the first to flower.

Looking to plant some seeds yourself? We have a wide selection of seeds, seedling trays and planting soil. Try your hand at raising your own plants from scratch. Or, if you’re looking for a customized planter, we do that too. Simply bring in your pots, and let us know what you’d like.

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