Caterpillar Kits

Bring some wonderment and beauty into your life. Butterflies are perfect for special occasions, memorial services, the classroom or just at home. And watching them hatch is an inspiration and wonder, no matter what age you are.

All of our butterflies, caterpillars and chrysalis are grown right here at GreenWay by Sabina. And believe us that this was a tough year to grow caterpillars as the butterflies did not want to lay eggs (we realized that they needed additional shade this year).

Purchase a Butterfly kit for $18.50 and receive:

  • One Monarch caterpillar
  • One Terrarium Jar
  • One milkweed plant to feed the caterpillar
  • One butterfly poster
  • And Easy to follow instructions

Kits will be available, depending on supply, to the middle of September.

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