Caring For Hanging Baskets in Kitchener

Now that you’ve planted or picked up some lovely containers or hanging baskets, here are some tips to keep them looking their best.

Pinch and Prune

To keep plants neat, remove faded flowers and yellow leaves as soon as they appear. If you go over your plants a little each day, it is easy to keep them well groomed. Pinch off new shoots to encourage plants to grow fuller, not taller.

Water with Care
Rain Barrel and Gardening Supplies in Kitchener

The importance of proper watering cannot be stressed enough, since container plants that are exposed to wind and sun dry out quicker than those in the ground.

How much and when to water will depend on the kind of plant and soil, the type and size of container, and the amount of exposure to sun and wind. During hot spells, most plants need daily watering, except those in small clay pots, which may require it twice. During cold, wet weather be careful not to over water as rotting can occur.

Since unglazed containers dry out quickest, watch them more closely. Wooden tubs, window boxes, and planters dry out more slowly; metal is the slowest of all. Groups of plants in large containers keep moist longer than single specimens. Groupings of plants, arranged close together, shade one another and help prevent excessive moisture loss.

Vacation Time

If you go away for periods during the summer, you should move your containers into a shadier area so that they are not over-exposed to hot, dry weather.

Fertilizer Gardening supplies and fertilizer for hanging baskets in Kitchener

A good feeding program will result in healthier plants with more bloom. In the confined soil areas of containers, plants utilize nutrients sooner than they do in the garden; so, in general, feed plants every two weeks with a balanced chemical fertilizer such as Miracle Grow, following directions on the package.

If you find you forget to fertilize or are away frequently, consider a slow release fertilizer. Every hanging basket or planter that leaves GreenWay is given a scoop of fertilizer before it goes out the door. The Smart Cote Hanging Basket fertilizer we use will last approximately one month.

Still Need Baskets and Planters?

This week (June 10-16) all hanging baskets are 25% off. You can make your own planters using 4″ annual pots, which are on sale for $2.45 (regular price $3.69).

Contact us to learn more about how to care for hanging baskets or visit our Kitchener garden center today!

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