Butterfly Days Begin This Weekend

Join us starting this weekend for our ever popular “Butterfly Days” ®. This special annual event will run on September 12-13, 19-20 and 26-27th from 10 am to 4 pm each day. Visits are free.

The Monarch Butterflies are already starting to gather for their long journey to Mexico. Join in this amazing migration by releasing your very own butterfly into the wild for just $8.00.  Each Monarch is marked with a special tracking tag on it.  Through the Monarch Watch program, at the University of Kansas, this tag is used to track its migration and information is sent back the participants if their butterfly is found in Mexico. Visit are free. The cost is only if you wish to release your own personal butterfly, accompanied by a wish.

Our Special Guests

John Powers, the Butterfly Man ® and Don Davis, the World Record holder for having tagged the longest butterfly migration will be on hand conducting seminars and answering any questions you have about butterflies.

Don DavisDon Davis

Don has been tagging monarch butterflies since 1968 and holds the Guinness Record for Longest Migration by a Butterfly – a tagged male which travelled an estimated 2880 miles. That’s a long journey.

Don has been involved with Journey North, Monarch Watch, Michoacan Reforestation Fund, Monarch Teacher-Network Canada and a number of other natural history and nature organizations. We’re excited to welcome him back to GreenWay for the three weekends this September.

John Powers

John PowersJohn is well known around Canada for his love of everything Butterfly. He’s spent over 50 years studying, researching and collecting butterflies of the world. His private collection, part of which is featured in GreenWay’s Nature Centre, features over 20,000 specimens.

As well, John has had the honour of presenting his butterfly creations to over 125 world famous personalities. Some of these include Her Majesty The Queen, President Ronald Reagan, President George Bush, His Holiness The Pope – John Paul II, Roger Whittaker, Steve McQueen, Ann Murray, Bob Hope, Red Skelton, Glen Loates, Michael Dumas and Dionne Warwick, to name a few.

Martha Hoey

Martha Hoey sculptureMartha is a world renowned stone sculptor, creating beautiful Ontario Fieldstone and Muskoka Granite sculptures of owls with ancient fossils that are unique additions to the GreenWay atrium/spa garden. Martha will be here for Butterfly Days this weekend. Come and see her this Saturday and Sunday from 12 pm to 3 pm, when she’ll be working on one of her beautiful sculptures.

Martha can be commissioned to create a sculpture to suit any location and theme! Visit her gallery, located southeast of Guelph at 2113 SR, Moffat, ON, or online at www.elmtreecentre.com.

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