The Butterflies are Here at Our Kitchener Garden Centre

We are so excited to announce that on May 1st our Butterfly Conservatory will reopen for the season. And even better is that Greenway has once again been chosen to receive the over 600 tropical butterflies which have been on display at the Butterflies Go Free Exhibit in Montreal.  Butterfly Conservatory and Butterfly Bushes in Kitchener

The Butterflies Go Free exhibit, started in 1998 has hosted over 2 million people. At the end of the exhibit Espace pour la Vie (which includes the Montreal Insectarium and Botanical Garden) gives their butterflies away to an established, certified, and well maintained conservatory. For the past few years, Greenway has been the lucky recipient of the Montreal butterflies!

The 600+ butterflies, represent over  50 species. They arrived late in the evening on Monday, April 25, and are settling into their new home in Breslau. Starting on May 1st, you can come see this little slice of paradise.  

Admission prices are $5.50 per adult, $2.75 per child or $13.00 for a family of four.

Here’s a story on the butterflies from Montreal:

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