Butterflies Galore – The Flying Colours are Here

The butterflies from Montreal are on their way here! During the month they were on display there, over 165,000 people came out to see them. Now it’s your chance, for less than a 1/3 the price.

This exhibit, which since 1998 has hosted over 1.9 million people, will only give the butterflies away to an established, certified, and well-maintained conservatory. And that’s what GreenWay is.

Morpho Blue Butterfly Helenor The collection includes over 1000 butterflies of 75 different species from Costa Rica, El Salvador, Malaysia, Philippines, Tanzania, and the United States. Come out to see the stunning blue Morpho, the Owl butterfly and the world’s largest moth, the Atlas, to name just a few.

Admission prices are $5 per adult, $2.50 per child or $12.50 for a family of four. Or from now until Mothers’ Day weekend, bring a friend and both of you get in free.

Visit Butterflies Go Free for more information on the Montreal collection!

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