A Hosta Letter

Dear June.

I just wanted to let you know what happened the Night Before Christmas.  You may find it interesting.

Francee was visiting with Frances Williams.  Francee wore a Halcyon blue dress with a Chantilly Lace vest and a Wide Brim hat.

To Paul’s Glory, he found them at home.  He had brought a Fragrant Bouquet, hoping to find Francee.  She was his Aphrodite.  It was So Sweet.

Frances Williams had been cleaning out her grandma’s attic and showed them her treasures:  a bronze Praying Hands sculpture; a ceramic Blue Angel; a Golden Tiara; and some Stained Glass.

They reminisced about the fun they had at Twilight, under an August Moon.

When they were not looking, Paul donned a hat with Blue Mouse Ears.  The girls giggled.

Frances served Pineapple Upside Down Cake with Orange Marmalade, and Appletini with a Twist of Lime.

After experiencing their First Frost the night before, and knowing that Winter Snow would soon arrive, they started planning for their February trip for some Island Charm.  They were hoping to enjoy a Rainforest Sunrise somewhere.

It was a fun evening.

I hope you Remember Me the next time you are in the area.

Love Pat

P.S.  Most of these Hosta and many more are available at Greenway Blooming Centre.

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